Myth #9 from 10 Top Myths of Canadian Home Ownership – Revealed!

Myth #9: I can do much better in real estate than the stock market

And you know why?

You will probably be in your home or at least trading up in the real estate market for 20-30 years.

In fact, in the last 25 years, the nationwide Canadian House Price Index (HPI) grew an average of 5.6% per year.

The average Canadian will hold an investment fund is 2.4 years!

Individual securities even less time.

The reason?

Well there are many, but the main one is that individuals become overly emotional when it comes to their investment accounts.

They can follow the values in the daily paper – or actually watch the gyrations in “real time” on the Internet – and on their Blackberry!

Constantly seeking higher returns, investors are increasingly willing to pull the plug too soon and buy into something that has already gone up in value.

Whereas, the mantra for real estate is still valid for other investments – buy low – hold – sell high.

In fact, just because you home may fall in value does not mean that you run outside and put a “For Sale” sign on the lawn does it?

No, in fact that may be a great time to add to your real estate holdings.

None the less, the accepted “wisdom” is that you will always do well in real estate.

Well, tell that to the Canadian homeowners who because of high interest rates (and I should think – no liquid assets to see them through) walked away from their houses in the early ‘80’s.

To graphically illustrate this concept, I put together a Youtube video that I call: “When 8% Equals 13%! – The Importance Of Asset Allocation” Its here at

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Myth #9 I can do much better in real estate than the stock market

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